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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Jul 30 15:00:03 PDT 1997

Galen of Bristol said:

And for the record, I know a number of peers who want their taking
of squires and other associates to be done in public ceremonies
with official witnesses, that is, court.  They and others, too, who
have put considerable work into helping the kingdom or their local
group go, often ask no other payment than a moment of the King's
time, in public.  The level of organization required to run this
sort of thing smoothly is often beyond that mastered by royal 

But it isn't just the King's time. It is the time of the other twenty,
forty or two hundred people gathered for court. The taking of squires
and associates is a private matter, with no official standing. It is
unfair to subject the multitude to this. If you want a public ceremony,
do it during feast, or between tournament rounds or in a private
household ceremony. This is the reason some people avoid courts and
that these side converstions that some folks were objecting to get

Stefan li Rous


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