ANST - Old Timers' fighting...

Jen jenster at
Wed Jul 30 15:59:34 PDT 1997

Sir Lyonel wrote:

>BTW--in Artemisia, they have a tournament called the Old Farts' Tourney 
>which the rounds are sword and cane, sword and crutch, and sword and 
>Congratulations, Sir G; you're now old enough to enter that list.

I know that over in Trimaris they have an "Order of the Grey Beards", the
device of which is counterchanged sable and azure (for all those black and
blue marks they left and received), with a crutch and sword crossed I
believe, and a pair of granny glasses in chief.  Okay, I'm not a herald and
can't blazon properly, but you get the idea!  They have to fight every year
in the Grey Beards' Tourney held at some Kingdom event, and it's usually
full of schtick.

                    Jens Vetrar


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