ANST - Talen's hot button issue - court

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Wed Jul 30 17:09:28 PDT 1997

>>>Galen wrote:
>>>(big snip - talking about presentations to the crown)  
>>>But in the final court of an outgoing king & queen, this is necessarily
>>>going to happen.  It's simply the last chance people have to make any
>>>sort of gift.  Hopefully, people have come to love their rulers, and
>>>want to express that sentiment; I am disinclined to discourage that.

I wrote:
>>people, why lengthen court with it? Present your gift to them later that 
>>night, in private or at their camp, with your thanks. If your gift is 
>>for the *Crown*, then it doesn't really matter who's wearing it, now, 
>>does it? If possible present your gift at another event entirely, either 
>>before or after Coronation.

Burke wrote:

>This is all fine and good but sometimes gift should and need to be given in
(snipped example from BMTIM - before my time in Mooneschadowe)

     I didn't say it wasn't. I'm just urging that people think about 
whether or not they need to clutter up that *particular* court (last 
court or first court) with *their* presentation. Possibly the court 
herald(s) need to be a little more forceful in weeding out these 
"cluttering" presentations. Suggest alternatives to the potential 
presentors. Maybe that person didn't *know* s/he could present the gift 
*out* of court. 

     I really liked the way Northkeep did their presentations to the 
Baron & Baroness back in November. If I'm remembering right, the herald 
requested that everyone with gifts to line up in a long line & briefly 
give each present to the b&b. It was noisy, but it was kind of a time to 
stand up & stretch while this huge line slowly wound its way to the 
front of the hall. After everyone that wanted to had presented 
something, the herald loudly announced what most of the gifts were. All 
in all though, it took a shorter amount of time than calling each 
individual presentation up would have. It did take up "official" court 
time, but it was a permissible time to be loud in court.

     But to get back to the example you told, I've never heard that 
story.  So who all went, more names, more details. Etc, etc, etc. Or in 
other words, what other stories of early Mooneschadowe (BMTIM) are you 
holding out?



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