ANST - Stargate questions

Pat St. Jean stjeanp at
Wed Jul 30 17:20:16 PDT 1997

Greetings all!
  I'm not a recent transplant to Ansteorra, been here about a year or
so.  I've been to a couple fighter practices (I USED to fight light in
the Outlands) and have realized that my other interests are taking
precedence over fighting.  Namely brewing.  I'm wondering if anyone can
point me to the Stargate populace meeting?  I'm trying to figure out if
there's a brewers guild here.  If not, I'm willing to get something going
if anyone's interested...

Thanks! (and apologies for the rambling...)


Pat St. Jean
stjeanp at     '97 XLH 883

     'Windows for Dummies'; says it all, really.

Gary Barnes


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