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Greg Rose greg at
Wed Jul 30 19:10:58 PDT 1997

The principal problem with the courts at Coronation was length precisely
because they were virtually back-to-back.  The enormous amount of traditional
formal business which has to be at stepping-down and stepping-up courts make
them long, but placing both courts in such close succession made the
process seem much longer than it was (I would guess about 5 hours, total).
The decision to do both courts in the evening seemed eminently reasonable
to me, given the fact that the heat of the day would have had quite a few
members of the populace dropping from sun and heat, especially as the bulk
of the natural amphitheatre was unshaded.

I had no probloem hearing either Da'ud or Galen either at the front or at the
very back of the clearing -- the problem wasn't projection.  The problem
was the shape of the natural amphitheatre and the degree of elevation of
the rise on which the thrones were located, which produced an auditory
dead-zone at about the middle of the populace.  There isn't a whole hell of
a lot which the court herald could have done about that.

Hossein Ali Qomi
(Gregory Rose)

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