ANST - Coronation

Angus mac Taggart/Rik Packham aquinas at
Wed Jul 30 21:01:54 PDT 1997

> Should not the herald then be repeating the words spoken so that the
> populace can participate? or at least observe and listen quietly.
That can be both annoying and time consuming. I know for I have done so
during a court back in Caid. The baron was annoyed because he had to stp
talking while I 'projected' for him. I was annoyed because he would begin
while I was projecting. The populace that was close enough to here both the
baron and myself became annoyed by hearing the echo of everything that was
said. And it made the court last almost twice as long as it should have

But then again, that day was hotter that Coronation last weekend, and we
were all gussied up for court. Talk about a pool of sweat! ;-)



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