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Wed Jul 30 21:07:45 PDT 1997

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Gunnora Hallakarva <gunnora at> chewed out
someone for public rudeness.  However, publicly correcting someone's
manners uninvited is ALSO rude, so I could then chew out *Gunnora* for
*her* being rude, except then *I'd* be rude, so let's call the whole
thing off.

> It is impossible to pay attention when you are bored, can't hear
> anything anyway, ...

I concur with the other opinion: there's usually no reason to wait in
court if you're miserable.  Unfortunately, peers (say, Laurels) do
have to wait if a member of their order is being inducted ... at the
end of court.

> The oaths of fealty can be en-masse, with the herald loudly calling
> out the words of the Crown.  If individuals wish to swear a
> different oath, they should make time to do it with the Crown later.

In period terms, I think oaths of homage and fealty were one-on-one.
In SCA terms, I think it's boring as hell to do that in court.  I'd
strongly suggest to the Crown either en masse in court or individual
later.  (I'm not entirely sure I'd do a court with individual
fealties, not that I've ever had or am likely to have the chance.)

Daniel de Lincoln
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