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On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Gunnora Hallakarva <gunnora at> wrote:
> Steppes had a whole series of these (and may still be doing it, for
> all I know).  They got the barony to send in suggestions for what
> classes they'd like to see, and what weekends people would be free.
> The A&S officer started locating instructors, both local and from
> other places in the kingdom, and scheduled weekends.

Sort of.  There are two classes, held once per month (December usually
off; ther may be "summer school" with extra classes).  One is
Practicum, focused on making things.  It's often at Baron Edwin's
house, and organized by him, Mistress Branwyn, or others, usually most
of the day on the second Saturday (I think).  The other is Collegium,
held at Suzanna the Herbalist's house, but she's not the A&S officer
any more.  Collegium is a lecture, usually on the third or fourth
Monday night (I think).

I know only about Collegium.  I don't recall an organized effort to
get suggestions for classes.  The problem was usually just finding
someone to lecture!  That would determine the topic.  One could
suggest a topic, but in such a case I'd talk to the expert that I
wanted to have lecture, and ask them to volunteer.

> Generally, when a teacher was coming in from out of town, they found
> the person crash space and fed them while they were
> there... breakfast in the morning, sanwich things or pizza or such
> at lunch, and many timed they'd do a pot-luck dinner/mini revel
> later.

I don't know what provisions they'd make for that; when I was there,
everyone I recall at Collegium was local.  I'm sure they'd do such
things as a courtesy, though.  Those particular perks would be for
Practicum, tho; there's no time before or after Collegium on a
weeknight to do them (except crash).

Collegium is wonderful, and I'm sure Practicum is too.  I'm thinking
of flying to Dallas on Sept. 22 to listen to Tadhg Liath (!) lecture
on forestry.  (I'd listen to him lecture on the history of the phone

I recommend these ideas to all groups.

Daniel de Lincoln
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