ANST - Last run on all who received awards during Triple Crown

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This list will be posted along with a bit of commentary on the Ansteorra
site hopefully by this weekend of soon after. Please send any corrections or
additions to me asap. Thanx.

 The Order of the White Scarf
*    Brendan MacEwan.

 Court Baroness
 *    Anna Stitcher
 King's Gauntlet
 *    Anna Stitcher
 Queen's Gauntlet
 *    Don Donald Armstrong
*    Lord Henri Molineaux
 Order of the Laurel
 *    Anastasia Mikhailovna Donskoi (Stargate)
 Sable Crane
 *    Crystal Ariana MacRuari (Raven's Fort)
 Iris of Merit
 *    Gala Cunningham (Bryn Gwlad)
*    Thyra of Black Oak Keep
 Star of Merit
 *    Donal O'Dochartaigh (Bryn Gwlad)
 Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star
 *    Centurion Wilhem von Buch
 Awards of Arms (AoA's)
 *    Lady Allysyn Kranidious (Raven's Fort)
*    Lord Steaphan mac Thamhais (Raven's Fort)
*    Lord Bjarki Bjarkmal
 Order of the Rising Star
 *    Arturus Albus Ursus (Raven’s Fort)

 Queen's Blade of Honor
 *    Lord Orlando
 The next Baron and Baroness were announced for the Barony of Bryn Gwlad
*    His Excellency, Sir Pendaran Glamorgan
*    Her Excellency, Mistress Jehanne D'Avignon
 Order of the Laurel
 *    Her Excellency Charla Noel du Lac (Bordermarch)
 Sable Thistle
 *    For Heraldry: Gwenllian ferch Maredudd (Bryn Gwlad)
*    For Iconography: Jovian Skleros (Bryn Gwlad)
*    For Costumes: Lady Catherine du Calais (Bjornsborg)
 Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star
 *    Centurion Treschen von Asselen
 Awards of Arms (AoA's)
 *    Lady Zaharra Bloodloc (Bryn Gwlad)
*    Lord Gnith mac Caitt (Bryn Gwlad)
 Queen's Champion
*    Don Brendan MacEwan
 *    Mahdi
 Order of the Rose
 *    Valeria
 Star of Merit
 *    Baron Raimond "Moonbear" Selenarktos (Bjornsborg)
 Banana Pursuivant Extraordinary of the Militant Arm of the College of
Heralds of Ansteorra
 *    Kahlid Mahdi
 Iris of Merit
*    Gala Cunningham (Bryn Gwlad) _Again_

King's Champion
 *    Sir Daffydd ap Whittaker
 Squired by Sir Kief
 *    Ivan the Hedgehog
 Announce the coming induction into the Order of Chivalry
 *    Centurion Alrek Kanin (To be done at Namron Protectorate)
*    Centurion Dieterich Von Eltz (Bryn Gwlad) (To be done at Defender of
the Fort)
 Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star
 *     His Excellency Alaric Drake, Baron of Bonwicke
  Awards of Arms (AoA's)
*    Lord Marion du Massue (Bryn Gwlad)
*    Lady Tabitha Baker (Bryn Gwlad)

Any corrections or additions please post by Thursday night. I will be
passing on the info for Pug to post that night or the following day. Thanx.

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