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Thu Jul 31 06:09:00 PDT 1997

another one of those rabble rousers from Mooneschadoweshire wrote
>Galen wrote:
>(big snip - talking about presentations to the crown)
>>But in the final court of an outgoing king & queen, this is necessarily
>>going to happen.  It's simply the last chance people have to make any
>>sort of gift.  Hopefully, people have come to love their rulers, and
>>want to express that sentiment; I am disinclined to discourage that.
>But is this last gift to the *Crown* or is it to the *two tired people
>under those heavy brass hats*? If your presentation is for the two
>people, why lengthen court with it? Present your gift to them later that   

>night, in private or at their camp, with your thanks. If your gift is
>for the *Crown*, then it doesn't really matter who's wearing it, now,
>does it? If possible present your gift at another event entirely, either   

>before or after Coronation.

That all depends on the individual.  Did you get a peerage or an AoA
from the *two tired people under those heavy brass hats*?  Fact is,
most people can and do tell the difference between one pair of
rulers and another, and they care.  I agree with you.  Kein will
appreciate the gift of a new weapon (I can tell you, he never
gets tired of them) just as much whether he's king or not.  But
to some, giving a gift to King Kein is a much different thing
than giving a gift to Duke Kein will be.  It's an emotional issue
to them, and frankly, they'll greatly resent the herald who won't
let them have time in court.

 - Galen   

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