ANST - Long Courts & Filler Entertainment

Angelina Whitford Angelina at
Thu Jul 31 08:53:28 PDT 1997

At this coronation, a group of musicians sitting behind the royal
pavilion played during both courts, except when asked by the Crown to
keep silent (during the solemn handing over of regalia for example).  I
know that made things more enjoyable for me.  I hope many others were
also able to hear them, but I'm not sure how well they carried.  

I'm not sure my last post made it, so forgive me if you've already read

	Mistress Gunnora and Sir Talon wrote:
> >can be entertaining, but it's not necessary.  Good Fools and good
> Court Heralds are wonderful, but unfortunately few and far between.
> It 
> would be nice if there were more of them, but Court goes on
> nonetheless.
> The Fools and Heralds can help out a lot in providing "filler"
> entertainment while papers are being shuffled, a person is coming to
> the front, etc.
> Angelina
> angelina at

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