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Vicki Marsh zarazina at
Thu Jul 31 10:32:55 PDT 1997


I, too, enjoyed the music at court.  I could not join them this time, due to having to wait for the Territorial's chance to swear fealty, but my fingers were sure itching to play alongside them.  Llywelyn and I had to make ourselves not sing along too loudly during some of the songs....

I like music at court - Of course, I like live, period music anytime, but how do the rest of you feel about it?  Is it too distracting?  Does it add to the general ambiance for you?  Do you appreciate the musicians?

It is quite nice for the reigning nobles at court to take a moment to thank the musicians.  I have had this happen on occasion, but more often, the musicians are treated as a live "boom-box" - something to turn off and on.

Let me know, privately or publicly, how you feel.

In Service to the Crown of Ansteorra,

Baroness Zara Zina Theanos

"Go Byzantine."
"Keep your kids off artificial colors."
"Life is Good in Elfsea."


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