ANST - Face Protection

James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Jul 31 12:09:17 PDT 1997

> > Safer? I don't think so. Consider that the goggles:
> > - Don't breath well (i.e. sweat you can't wipe out of your eyes)
> > - Don't protect the rest of your face
> > - Don't work with the 3/4 inch blunts, where those are used.
> > - Cost a lot more than expanded. I don't know about perf.
> > 
> > In short, they are better than nothing, but not better than 
> > perf/expanded. I speak as someone who owns a couple pair. I wear them 
> > as a marshal, but I would be very unhappy if I had to wear them under 
> > my helm.
> are you speaking of generic safety goggles or sports-guards that are
> specifically designed for active sports? 

I was speaking of raquetball glasses as that is what I own, but ALL 
of my above points apply to both. 

> where you eye's are concerned, the final point that you made should
> not even be considered ... cost of protecting your vision should be
> your very *last* consideration.

Well, if you look at the list above, I think you will find it WAS my 
last consideration. OTOH, when you are trying to get a few thousand 
fighters to add something to their armor so you can play archery, 
cost matters a great deal.

For example, if we came up with a WONDERFUL solution that only cost 
$500 per fighter (force fields? :->) no one would care that it was 
wonderful, just that it cost $500. If you came up with a GOOD 
solution that cost less than $1 each, they might be willing to do it. 

Remember, if it costs too much they can always just say, "no 
archery". That would be free.

M. Doré

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