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Lady Allysyn wrote:
: .
: >  It isn't, in his Grace's opinion, dishonour that causes this. It is
: >fighting itself. You aren't thinking, you are acting and reacting.
: >the opponent a moment to collect his thoughts helps.
: Lord Smith,
: This is, in my opinion, the most positive result of temporary bad
: calls.  You (or Duke Rorik) has come up with a logical 'out' to a mistake
: that is so common...not calling a good blow.  
: I hesitate to even bring this topic up....due to it being taboo in many
: circles (no pun intended) 
<Snip of good stuff>

:The older more
: experienced fighter knows that the callibration of a Knight is higher, in
: order to match their expertise and skill with their opponents.

<more snippage>

In my - albeit limited - experience, I have found this to be very true...
So since it is germane to the subject here, at what point does the 'higher
calibration' become something else altogether? 

Everyone has bad days, where they might have uneven blow calling, or they
might be so into the fight that a good blow doesn't even register. We as
fighters work on that sort of thing and make it as good as we can, and stay
as vigilant as possible.

fer instance, there is a fellow I know, and like a lot... A real honorable
guy. In a melee I clouted him on the forehead with my two handed axe.
Clean. Rocked his head way back. Didn't phase him, he just kept on
coming... so I flipped it around and used the backside, 'Clank!'  he took
the shot... The problem?  Axe too soft? No, he couldn't *hear* the shot, so
it wasn't good... the weapon type didn't register with him... He didn't
ever think 'mass weapon makes different sound'. ( Happens a lot.) The point
is, I know this gentleman, and he is very honorable, but what if I didn't
know him, and the tide of melee had swept us away from each other? I might
think he was a weeble - if I didn't take the time to go up to him and ask
about what was wrong with the shot. Politely. Without rancor. This is
sometimes hard, and it is made harder when the person asked takes offense.
But it is still the right thing to do - after the fight...

I have walked events, and listened in on conversations... sure some of the
negative commentary I have heard would be best described as envy or sour
grapes, but all of it? Frankly, I am saddened at the lack of regard that a
large portion of our knights are apparently held. To have worked as hard as
they have, and to catch that kind of crap is, unfortunate in the extreme. 

Maybe some of it is not knowing Sir X from the other side of the kingdom. 
Maybe some of it is he doesn't know you. 
Maybe some of it is our good friend the SCA rumor mill.  

"I heard he's a rhino hiding SOB, so watch out!" is probably the most
common negative commentary I have heard about knights in general, and it
grows directly out of the 'elevated calibrations' mentioned earlier, and a
failure to discuss the points of contention *reasonably* after the fight.

Yes, this is a sensitive issue, but (IMHO) we *really* need to talk about

As an aside, I have been to some tourneys that were absolutely, utterly,
squeaky clean with nary a blow shrugged... wonderful, wonderful, a pure joy
to be in, because it was such *honorable* combat.

Recently, I had the misfortune to be involved with a not-so-great example
of the other flavor, but you know, instead of irking me, I gave it some
thought, and decided that instead of letting this detract from my
enjoyment, I will use it to polish my own honor, and thus I will strive to
be the squeakiest clean of combatants. I think the goal of being the
cleanest, most honorable fighter around is a very worthy objective.
<A little more snippage>

:I would LOVE to discuss it further, and I even would
: invite anyone over for dinner and wine and great conversation to develop
: concept more wholly.  I'm serious...if you live close to College Station
: Texas, email me for dinner reservations and menu requests, and be
: to discuss everything openly and respectfully!

Sounds like lots of fun, makes me wish I lived close enough to take you up
on your offer.

: In Most Humble and Sincere Service,
: Allysyn Kranidious
: Ravensfort

Gracious lady, your opinions - well presented and thought provoking -
should not cause you to seek asylum in the closet... 

Thanks for the post, I enjoyed the contemplation time it provided.


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