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  <snips all over!!>

>I get frustrated when those I respect and love  represent
>themselves and their ladies poorly on the field due to this 
This is a concern for some. I, myself am concerned for others, but I 
feel that my lord repesents me in such a true, honourable fashion and in 
good judgement in his blow-calling. He is quite aware of how I feel 
about him being a knight and that now he has more duty to make sure 
others "fight clean"... 

>I would LOVE to discuss it further, and I even would
>invite anyone over for dinner and wine and great conversation to 
develop the
>concept more wholly.  I'm serious...if you live close to College 
>Texas, email me for dinner reservations and menu requests, and be 
>to discuss everything openly and respectfully!
>(the opinions expressed are mine and not of that of my lords, who is
>currently in bed and doesn't even know that I am writing this, and 
>won't because I'll be hiding in the closet!)
>In Most Humble and Sincere Service,
>Allysyn Kranidious
I don't live near-by to College Station, but I'd love to make a 
side-trip, when visiting my lord, to talk this over with others over 
dinner. I know that many of the other knights' ladies have quite strong 
feelings on this issue and I'd hope to see the others there, too... 

 One thing I have left to say: Duke Baldar, of Trimaris,  has been 
quoted (in T.I.,  Summer AS XXIV, issue 91) as saying, "Murder and rape 
are crimes of passion and can be forgiven, but not calling your blows is 
a disease of the heart." I'm not EVEN going to go into my feelings of 
rape... or murder; I think this was an extream example of how 
passionately some fighters feel about blow-calling. His Grace would have 
been more correct to say, "Murder and rape are diseases of the heart and 
cannot be forgiven, but not calling your blows is a crime of passion." 
Knights, new fighters, old fighters, squires... all of us fighters need 
to be true at heart when fighting... no matter what passion clouds our 

Allysyn, you don't need to hide in the closet on issues you feel this 
stongly about. I, for one, respect people who speak their minds and 
express independent thought. Timo will understand you... he feels the 
same way as you do.

In Service to the Dream, 
~Lady Vanora Villon de Paris~

(:"When life deals you lemons... stuff them in your bra!" :)

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