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>Lady Vanora,
>Methinks you are much mistaken.  Sharp blows to the breast can cause 
>to develop, and they are removed and sent to be tested for cancer.
>Marthe de Blenkinsop

 thank you for your reply, although you didn't state your "vote" on the 
freedom to remove chest protection.
 You are correct and, in a sence, repreating what Her Majesty, Alicia, 
stated on this matter. Cysts are something that the ladies who fight 
without armour on their breasts will have to be made aware of and 
 But, I can tell you and dig-up proof that these cysts cannot do any 
actual harm, themselves. In fact, thanks to Mistress Stella (who is 
quite well-known for her leg-shots) and the earlier use of my MUCH 
smaller shield, I have a cyst from repeated shots to the same place on 
my bum. (Alright, Ansteorra, there you have it... I just publicly 
admitted to having a bump on my tush! "T.M.I."!!!) This cyst poses no 
harm on me and, well... Heck! It's ANOTHER "battle-wound" that I can use 
when comparimg scars with my lord.   >;)
 So, some of you fighters are against being hit in some of those -OUCH- 
spots when fighting on the field... or having ANY long term 
difficulties, or having some sort of damage done to you body? It's to 
those fighters that I say, "Move over! I'm stepping onto the field, 
now!" Look at what we are doing!!! We are running around like over-grown 
kids, playing dress-up, and hitting eachother with big sticks. Someone 
is going to get hurt and there's not a whole-lot that can be done about 
that other than all of us quitting our fighting.  Yes, we have rules to 
guide us along to playing this game in a safer manner, but some of those 
rules aren't necessary when most are! That, and you have to accept what 
comes with this; i.e.... I am only 24 years old, my knees are starting 
to go (ice-packs after practice are great), my right shoulder is in pain 
in the joint, I've been in the E.R. twice for head injuries (in 
Atlantia), I've had some temporary loss of use in my arms before, my 
left big toe is JUST NOW getting over an injury for this time last year, 
I've limped into work in heels a few times, I still have a loose 
bone-chip in my left wrist,  and I just got a fat-lip tonight from an 
accident on the field. Folks, IT'S GONNA' HAPPEN... so accept it and 
don't whine. If you don't want to get hurt, then take off the armour and 
walk off of the field. 
 Now, back to the chest protection issue, I'll tell you here and now... 
I HAVE to wear mine at the moment (rules or no). I have medical reasons 
as to why I must, or pose a danger to myself. I was in a car-wreck a few 
years ago, got hit as a pedestrian by a suburban when I was 18, was in 
another wreck about 3 months ago, and in (guess what) another wreck last 
Friday night. Each time, my breast-bone was either injured or irritated. 
So, I'm using my own common sence and wearing what I need to protect me. 
That doesn't mean that I don't believe that others should have to wear 
their's all the time. This seems to be the general opinion in Ansteorra.
 So, I ask again... take off the ladies' chest protection OR mandate 
chest protection for all men?

In Service to the Dream, 
~Lady Vanora Villon de Paris~
esqire to Viscount Galen of Bristol, 
first lady in the Teutonic Order of the Dragon- Atlantia,
Barony of Elfsea/ Ansteorra*
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