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Robbie Roberts rroberts at
Mon Nov 3 05:12:21 PST 1997

Thank you to one and all who attended this past weekend's event.. The weather was perfect and the Stew Contest was a great success.

Awards given out at the event:

Lady Catherine of Tempio  AOA
Ld. Cormac O'Gowan  AOA
Ld. Konrad Lothar Von Englestein  Sable Comet
Ld. Caitlin McCullough Sable Comet
Ldy. Theodora Lachanodrakon Sable Crane
Ldy. Abigail of Exeter  Sable Thistle - Textile Arts
Ld. Jovian Scleros Iris of Merit
              and to the newest Court Baron of Ansteorra                  His Excellency Theodric Afhaims.

I am sure Lady Ebergardess (Penelope) will have much more to tell....

For those of you who did not attend you really missed a great time.  Hope that you can join us for our next event in the Spring.
            "Hero of the Temple III"  

Lady Olwen
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