ANST - injuries

Tim Lozos dentim at
Mon Nov 3 06:12:51 PST 1997

Greetings!  Lady Vanora said.....

, I have a cyst from repeated shots to the same place on 
>my bum., my knees are starting to go (ice-packs after practice are great),
my right shoulder is in pain 
>in the joint, I've been in the E.R. twice for head injuries
 I've had some temporary loss of use in my arms before, my 
>left big toe is JUST NOW getting over an injury for this time last year, 
>I've limped into work in heels a few times, I still have a loose 
>bone-chip in my left wrist,  and I just got a fat-lip tonight from an 
>accident on the field.
> I was in a car-wreck a few 
>years ago, got hit as a pedestrian by a suburban when I was 18, was in 
>another wreck about 3 months ago, and in (guess what) another wreck last 
>Friday night.

Gee whiz girl!  Remind me to give you some distance at events. I dont want
to be around when you get struck by lightning!! ;)


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