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>Lady Vanora,
>Methinks you are much mistaken.  Sharp blows to the breast can cause cysts
>to develop, and they are removed and sent to be tested for cancer.
>Marthe de Blenkinsop

Exacamento!!  That is what I was referring to earlier in one of my posts!!!
I ended up with a lump exactly where I received a sharp blow and had to have
it removed and tested.  Remember, too, that non-malignant lumps can grow and
become cancerous in the center (ask Lady Osprey).  But I think the main
point remains that the sternum and xiphoid need to be protected--on both
sexes.  Sir Conor received a blow there and couldn't draw enough breath to
tell the guy (it was in a melee) that the shot was good.  If the person in
question had hit him in the same spot again, it might have gone very badly
for him!

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