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>Breast tissue is not nearly as tender as testicles must be, to guage by the 
>sight of men curled up moaning around their family jewels when hit there, 
>while when I've gotten a shot to the breast the cursing is loud and 
>prolonged, but I keep right on going.  And I state with authority that they 
>are not desensitized, either. 

Baroness Ann commenting over my shoulder--
   " It's just that women have a higher pain threshold then men. Pain is
relative to the one receiveing it!"

Bors here now- 
    My physician several years ago asked me about a couple of massive bruises
I hade on my leg and shoulder, courtesy of Duke Patrick Michael. When I
explained what I did for a hobby his comment was that there wasn't any
possible permanent damage to muscle or ligaments,but the deep bone bruise
damage could (key word here is COULD)
do permanent damage to cartilege and bone.  Just my two pence worth.

Baron Bors of Lothian

il dit tout ce qu'il veut,  malheureusement il n'a rien a' dire. 

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