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Tim Lozos dentim at
Sat Nov 1 11:05:47 PST 1997

>  It isn't, in his Grace's opinion, dishonour that causes this. It is
>fighting itself. You aren't thinking, you are acting and reacting. Giving
>the opponent a moment to collect his thoughts helps.

Lord Smith,

This is, in my opinion, the most positive result of temporary bad judgement
calls.  You (or Duke Rorik) has come up with a logical 'out' to a mistake
that is so common...not calling a good blow.  
I hesitate to even bring this topic up....due to it being taboo in many
circles (no pun intended) 

I have witnessed many fights where honorable fighters have given their
chivalric demeanors over to a lessor yet more powerful god....the god of
winning.  I get frustrated when those I respect and love  represent
themselves and their ladies poorly on the field due to this affliction.  I
have sought council from exhaulted fighters and newcomer's alike to get a
basis opinion on blow calling.  It all came down to this.  The newer
fighters witness the constant barrage of blows, a few of these solid and
call-able, and seek the advice of the fighters around them.  The older more
experienced fighters explain that the blow in question looked good, but must
have been light or the fighter would have called it.  When the blow in
question was a Knight, however, the situation changes.  The older more
experienced fighter knows that the callibration of a Knight is higher, in
order to match their expertise and skill with their opponents.  This makes
for a spectacular fight, excellent showmanship, and a great learning
experience for the fighters that are watching.  And I mean THEY ARE
WATCHING.  If the Knight in combat does not call a blow that they received,
the calibration of the fight gets bumped up a notch.  I realize this is
common, especially if there is a great deal at stake...a big tournament such
as a Warlord tourney or Crown.  What I am concerned with are the other
fighters watching this and noting 'correct fighting techniques' to be used
on future opponents.  I realize in all societies, and this one is no
different, there are different sets of rules for those who play the game.
The fighters who blatantly disregard the important ones, however, simply
make themselves less credible in our eyes.    I get disillusioned when the
people who are in the most respected positions disregard the basic idea that
winning at all costs involves humility, honor, and respect for your
opponent, not just being the last one standing.   If all fighters were to do
as Duke Rurik suggests, and take a step back to let the blow reach the
depths of confusion, maybe the blow calling would be more consistent and
fair.  We've all seen even the most noble of Knights succumb to the nasty
fight where a blow was not called, so the hitting just escalated into a
nasty fight.

One thing I must add.  This is just a scratch on the surface of the way I
think.  I have talked for hours over the subject, and a four page email
doesn't touch it.  I would LOVE to discuss it further, and I even would
invite anyone over for dinner and wine and great conversation to develop the
concept more wholly.  I'm serious...if you live close to College Station
Texas, email me for dinner reservations and menu requests, and be prepared
to discuss everything openly and respectfully!

My deepest regards go out to those fighters who not only represent their
ladies and Knights and theThrone well in combat, but who provide a template
for others to eminate, with good words, good manners, respect for all, and
the knowledge that winning the tourney is only one tenth of the battle.

(the opinions expressed are mine and not of that of my lords, who is
currently in bed and doesn't even know that I am writing this, and probably
won't because I'll be hiding in the closet!)

In Most Humble and Sincere Service,
Allysyn Kranidious

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