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Sun Nov 2 14:53:28 PST 1997

On a sunlit hill we marched to meet the east. 
The bards sang loud, and warned the awful beast.
Those gathered 'round to see did cower,
as their eyes fell upon our fighters' power.
And a  maiden marched among them.
Proudly, her heart did swell.
The pride of a thousand years she felt.
She watched nobely as the dred King Kein 
and Gracious Queen 
Alisha toward the foe did walk.
Our Crown beside their allies stood,
to defiantly break the arrow's wood
and with the east make war,
(as had been done twenty-five bloody times before).
None of Ansteorran blood did fear,
e'en tho the omens bade the east to win.
And when, the battle did begin,
the west was strong and fierce.
Their noble swords did soundly pierce
e'ry one of those eastmen's shields.

...just a little something about my perception of Pensic. Questions and
comments entertained....take care all.

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