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Mon Nov 3 07:19:30 PST 1997

At 06:08 AM 11/3/97 GMT, Vanora wrote:

>comes with this; i.e.... I am only 24 years old, my knees are starting 
>to go (ice-packs after practice are great), my right shoulder is in pain 
>in the joint, I've been in the E.R. twice for head injuries (in 
>Atlantia), I've had some temporary loss of use in my arms before, my 
>left big toe is JUST NOW getting over an injury for this time last year, 
>I've limped into work in heels a few times, I still have a loose 
>bone-chip in my left wrist,  and I just got a fat-lip tonight from an 
>accident on the field. Folks, IT'S GONNA' HAPPEN... so accept it and 
>don't whine. If you don't want to get hurt, then take off the armour and 
>walk off of the field.

Vanora, it sounds as if you've taken one too many headshots, as well<G>.
God only grants us one body, I suggest you don't abuse it any more than
necessary.  Take it from one who has hardly abused hers at all and still can
hardly walk because of knee problems!  (It's amzing what pregnancy can do to
your ligaments!!!)  Take a little time off and let things heal.  No one will
fault you for it.
> Now, back to the chest protection issue, I'll tell you here and now... 
>I HAVE to wear mine at the moment (rules or no). I have medical reasons 
>as to why I must, or pose a danger to myself. I was in a car-wreck a few 
>years ago, got hit as a pedestrian by a suburban when I was 18, was in 
>another wreck about 3 months ago, and in (guess what) another wreck last 
>Friday night. Each time, my breast-bone was either injured or irritated. 
>So, I'm using my own common sence and wearing what I need to protect me. 

At least you are showing a little sense there! ;^) That alone ought to
convince you of what can happen if you get hit there!!

>That doesn't mean that I don't believe that others should have to wear 
>their's all the time. This seems to be the general opinion in Ansteorra.
> So, I ask again... take off the ladies' chest protection OR mandate 
>chest protection for all men?

Quite frankly it amazes me when people fight rules meant to protect them.
As Gunnora said before, it's kind of like the motocycle helmet law, those
persons with brains to protect will protect them.  Those who value their
bodily parts, male or female, will protect them, so oops the reg over the edge.

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