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Rochelle Ruhmann rochelle_r at
Mon Nov 3 07:20:40 PST 1997

I saw this post on Middlebridge, the mailing list for the Middle
Kingdom and thought that some gentles on this list might be able to
assist Lord Alexander.  He has recently said that he would like hero
songs from other kingdoms as well.  

Arianwen de Treguier


I am a squire to Sir Charles of Dublin,Penbardd of Caid,and
apprentice to Master John Inchingham,OL,of the Midrealm.My knight
asked me to compile hero songs of the Middle Kingdom as a part of his
ongoing plan to collect the hero songs of the Known World so they are
not forgotten.

What is a "Hero Song"? Mostly,a hero song describes the
words or deeds of heros of the Society. Deeds of war on the
battlefield,deeds of chivalry on the tourney field,deeds of virtue in
council;these are examples of what I would describe as subjects for
"Hero Songs".

I would ask that the composers of "Hero Songs" make their
works available to me,so that I may collect and return truions as to
who should be included in such a collection,please let me know.  You
can contact me at 815-477-4636, AlexdeSet at, or by mail at:

P.O.Box 67
McHenry,Il 60051-0067
c/o "The Bardic Circular".

Is mise le meas,
Lord Alexander de Seton,Eqsuire & Apprentice

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