ANST - Re: ANST- Ladies Chest Protection

Brent Hanner behanner at
Mon Nov 3 09:39:30 PST 1997

-Jax- wrote:
> >So, I ask again... take off the ladies' chest protection OR mandate
> >chest protection for all men?
> HOWEVER, I would STILL rather see male chest protection mandated rather than >all chest armor requirements dropped. The dangers to the sternum and zyphoid >process have already been discussed, and I think are increased due to the >recent introduction of low profile thrusting tips (which are the greatest thing >since sliced bread). So count my vote as yes to chest armor for all.

Well lets compair Ansteorras record of safety to kingdoms who have chest
armor and see how it compairs then we can talk about forceing everyone
wear chest armor.  Until then I say we put women's chest protection to
corporate standard and let them decide if they want to wear more.

House Brick
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