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Mon Nov 3 11:59:16 PST 1997

I don't know about you ansteorrans, but the fact that the site is a
major drawback here in Trimaris...tis why we are looking for new sites, that
at least be discreetly wet... sheesh...
and I agree with the driving factor.  If I had to get up...wait, that may be
coming for me.... and be at a site at 7am, and I had to do a 1.5hr drive that
would mean
I had to give up  a large chunk of my beauty sleep...not a pretty site!
hugs to all

Charlene Charette wrote:

> Kimberly wrote:
> >
> > whoa why isn't Yule at the lodge?
> Lots of reasons:  the hall has become too small; they refuse or are
> unable to fix the kitchen (most of last year's feast was brought to
> people's homes to cook, then brought back to site); that site is
> technically in another barony; I refuse to drive 1-1/2 hours each way to
> autocrat an event for which I have to be on site from 7AM to 1AM (that's
> *21* hours with drive time); it's difficult to hide all the mundanity of
> the hall; the site is dry.....  Shall I go on?
> --Perronnelle
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