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>Greetings everyone,
>While I was checking my e-mail I came across the disscussion on blow 
> In reading Vannora's missive, I came across this passage:
><<  I know that many of the other knights' ladies have quite strong 
> feelings on this issue and I'd hope to see the others there, too... 
> "AH-HEM!!!!" >>
>Let me assure you that many of the consorts of the chivary DO INDEED 
>strong feeling on this issue.  I also would welcome the chance to 
>this with other consorts. 

>I had intended to host a tea at Bryn Gawld Baronial a few weeks back,  
>because that event was stuffed full of exciting things, there wasn't a 
>time to meet.  I still would like to host one...perhaps during the next
> belted circle???? 

Sounds good... that will give us something to do, too.  :)
>I feel that perhaps it's time for all of the "ladies" to meet and get 
to know
>one another.   There are many issues I would love to discuss.
>HL Octavia de Verdon, Lady wife of Sir Daffydd Whittaker
Octavia, let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I'm available 
on the weekends after Nov.23... if Corey doesn't kidnap me and hold me 

~Ladt Vanora Villon de Paris~

(:"When life deals you lemons... stuff them in your bra!" :)

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