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Tue Nov 4 08:39:50 PST 1997

Greetings from Stefan li Rous,

Someone asked:

>Do you know of any good reference material on lowlands Scots surnames? 
>The time period is the 13th century.  I've found quite a bit on celtic 
>names and highlands Scots names, but very little on the lowlands.  From 
>what I've read, they seem to be very similar to English names of that 
>period.  Your help is appreciated!

I believe you may be correct in saying the names are similar to English
names, for much of the lowlands culture was similar to the English including

In the Florilegium, these are the files I have on Scottish names but they
are probably for the highlands:

names-Scot-art    (23K)  9/14/95    Article on medieval Scottish names.
names-Scot-msg     (9K)  1/ 2/97    Sources for period Scottish names.
Scot-fem-nam-lst  (14K)  5/21/96    List of Scottish feminine personal names.

These files are in the PERSONA section at:

mark_harris at

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