ANST - Pysanky Class

Erik Langhans modius at
Tue Nov 4 13:50:38 PST 1997

Looking for something to do the day after Thanksgiving?  Don't want to do shopping?  I have an alternative for you.  With the holiday season around the corner, how about learning to make those delightful dyed Ukranian Eggs you have seen.  

Since I needed to do a batch for X-mas anyway I thought, "Heh what a great excuse for a party".  So if you have the time on the day after Thanksgiving and are in Houston give me a call and RSVP.  Comfirmed so far are 2 individuals.  Space is limited, primarily due to the fact that I have only 5 extra Kiskas (the wax application tool itself), so please call (my number's in the front of the Black Star) or send me an email privately.  There will also be a very special guest instructor who will be joining us; a Russian lady who first sat down and tried to teach a spastic 8 year old how to do Ukranian Eggs. -My Mom!

Modius von Mergentheim
(Erik Langhans)


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