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Tue Nov 4 19:41:50 PST 1997

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Groin protection for women has been discussed before with tempers flaring on both sides.
Anyway they can be VERRRRRY UNCOMFORTABLE to women. Can you say rubbed raw?-even through
cloth. They have protected me from one definitely unforeseen situation. I was "dead" on the
ground, curled up under the shield when the sheild wall I had been in advanced. I received a
boot in the crotch, quite hard. If I had not been wearing the "groin" protection, I would have
been in severe pain rather than just immense pain as i was. By the way the protection I wore
was a heavy weight leather cut like a pad, then covered in fleece to cushion it, then placed
inside a pocket in the bike shorts I used. It was hot and shifted sometimes, it rubbed through
the fleece eventually and I had to replace it. The biggest complication was that time of the
month, everything together was too thick, so the "groin" protection was left off. Anyway I
hope I didn't offend anyone.

In service to the Dream,
Lady Jotahn Firesteed
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