ANST - Three Kings

Jasper Fieth cem8780 at
Tue Nov 4 21:28:10 PST 1997

> Although I enjoy the praise it is undeserved. The praise for the brisket, stew
> and all of the snacks after "Court" should mainly go to Eoian, Ly Alyse, Amra,
> and I'm not sure who donated the brisket (Esko?) sorry, I had a couple of 
> things on my mind that day. I had very little to do with the meal prepared for


Aye, sahr, twas myself, Esko Sola, along with the others of my house,
particularly Anastacia Kurakin and Pipa, who did find the brisket for ye. 
(And ye be quite welcome, sahr)

Course, iffen youse wants tah gif credit where tis due, give such to all
of Clan Firefall.


Esko stayed up to late watching bad pirate movies. As such, his regularly
scheduled brain will be played by his evil twin Skippy.

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