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Good Morning,

  Well in my never ending search to actually figure out what is going on
  around me, I'm gonna try to conquer the fighting awards and orders
  next. (Well at least get a basic understanding.)

  First, we have a few awards. As I remember, these are the Sable
  Falcon, Queen's Rapier and the King's Archer(?). As to the orders,
  they are the Centurians, White Scarves and Chivalry. Am I missing any?

  I think that I've been told that the Centurians are to protect the
  Prince, the White Scarves the Queen and the Chivalry the Kingdom. Do
  the Princess and King not need protected? (And it's not always the
  King who won crown, so please avoid the "King can protect themself"

  What are the Sable Falcon, Queen's Rapier and King's Archer given out
  for? I'm afraid that I've seen so few of these that I haven't formed a
  picture yet.

  What is the qualifications for each of the Orders?

  Are the Centurians the "equivalent" of a Star or Iris? If so, why
  aren't the Falcon, Rapier and Archer the equivalent of the Thistle and
  Crane. (I think the Thistle mechanism would easily work for the
  Martial Arts and thus have one award with multiple categories.) If
  not, are they a "stepping stone" toward Knighthood and why do they
  exist? (Yes, I know you don't have to get an award/order to get the
  "next" one, but there is usually a progressive growth in someone.) Is
  there an "equivalent" in fencing? If not, why not? Does the Order convey
  an armigerous status?

  At least from looking at Corpora I now understand why Rapier and
  Archery combatants can't be Chivalry without proving themself on the
  tournament field. It clearly states that missile weapons are not
  allowed, and that rapier fighting is not part of the "formal
  tournament lists for royal ranks and armigerous titles". Since that is
  the case, aren't our Order of the White Scarf against Corpora? After
  all, a Grant award has an armigerous status according to Corpora.
  (NOTE: I don't agree with this, just pointing it out. I found it out
  when I was trying to figure out if rapier and archery people could be

  Thanks for everyone's time.


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