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Wed Nov 5 11:55:02 PST 1997

Pug wrote:
> [someone else wrote]
> > If we wanted to, we could knight someone for excellence in 

> > rapier combat; don't hold your breath.
> I know I won't. That was my original question, but the way I read it,
> they were restricted from the Order of the Chivarly.

and then Pug listed various clauses of Corpora.  Actually, Pug, you
got it right with those clauses -- someone CAN'T be knighted for 
rapier prowess as their martial skill.   (It certainly can
be considered, under "To enrich the kingdom by sharing
his or her knowledge and skills" or "To enhance the
renown and defend the honor of the peer's
Lady or Lord", and it's certainly not a BAR, unless
some benighted kingdom out there makes it such in practice.
However, as Pug points out, a requirement is "the equal of
his or her prospective peers with the basic weapons of
tournament combat", and Governing and Policy Decision #5
says it's not "tournament combat.)

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