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the beloved AEthelyan wrote:
> >Not unless you want to count Royal Peerages, the ranks of Duke/Duchess,
> >Count/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess, and their various cultural
> >equivalents (Earl, Hrabia, Jarl, Khalid, etc.).  These are given
> >after the conculsion of reigns as King/Queen of a Kingdom or
> >Prince/Princess of a Principality.  But they're really recognition
> >more for ruling than for fighting.
> A note: Usually in Ansteorra, the Dukes, etc. are not referred to as Royal
> Peers, since in this Kingdom (unlike in some others) the title does not
> carry a Patent of Arms. I generally hear "the royal family."

_Corpora_ defines "Royal Peers" as the ducal, county and viscounty ranks;
these may or (as in Ansteorra) may not carry patents of arms.  In some
kingdoms, some royal peers have patents and some do not.  I happen to
believe that Patents of Arms should be abolished.

> >The Queen's Rapier seems to be given out for fighting skill at a
> >level less than that required of Dons, but more than just mere
> >competence.  These things do vary.
> The QR is given to fighters whom the Queen thinks is going in the right
> direction to eventually earn a White Scarf.

Hmmmm, so it would be Bad Thing for someone to have a Queen's Rapier
but never be a candidate for a White Scarf?

> Aethelyan
> Bryn Gwlad

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