ANST - Three Kings found

Don Wilkinson almar_b at
Wed Nov 5 13:27:39 PST 1997

Anastacia wrote on a piece of paper and placed in a bottle and I found 
it floating in the water.....
>I have a multi-colored cloak that was left by a gentleman in the Fire 
>encampment on Saturday night.. We had the cauldren fire going with the
>Horde story teller. He was from the clan of Storm chaser's... If anyone
>knows who this is, please respond so I can return his cloak to him.
>In Service,
>Anastacia Kurakina
well sorry for taking this space but I don't seem to be able to email 
you directly...I am a member of Firefall and can get the cloak to the 
owner, please respond to Almar_b at or call me at 972-399-2105 
and we'll see about getting it to its owner....
thank you
Almar Bjarnklo  Warlord of Clan Firefall
                Squire to Sir Kief

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