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Galen (Classic, New, or Cherry Galen I don't know -- nobody's ever
listed them all for me and their various designators) wrote:
> _Corpora_ defines "Royal Peers" as the ducal, county and viscounty ranks;

After looking at it for a bit, I think not, but it's only a minor
quiblle I have.

"The Crown may elevate subjects to the Peerage by granting membership
in one of the Orders conferring a Patent of Arms".  (Corpora
VI.A.2.a.4) but VI.A.2.a.5 talks about "Ducal, County, or Viscounty
rank" without the P-word..  VI.A.3 starts with "Departure from the
Peerage.  a. Resignation: Any member of an order conferring an Patent
of Arms ..."  and VII.A.4.d has "d. Royal Peerages. The titles assumed
by former Crowns and Coronets may convey Patents of Arms if the laws
and customs of the kingdom so provide."

Therfore, I think that in Corpora, "peer" == "patent".  Nevertheless,
if someone said "Royal Peer" I would know what they meant any wouldn't
"correct" them; it's a fiddly bit of terminology.

(I'd abolish "Patents" myself if I could: a "letter patent" was just a
letter for general reading as opposed to a "letter close".  I'd also
abolish "grants", since "grants" and "awards" were synonyms, and
"Awards of Arms" because for most of period and most countries anyone
could assume arms if they liseth.  Then I'd get into *serious* nuking
of the award structure ... but I've ranted on this before and there's
no purpose in my boring people here.)

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