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Wed Nov 5 16:33:16 PST 1997

Sir Barn, Excellency Kat, Centurion Treschen:

Please to know that I intended no disrespect by speaking of
relatively ancient matters as opposed to more recent
accomplishments. Sir Burke was speaking of a time in Ansteorran
history when I knew some of the participant ladies well, and could
vouch personally for their prowess -- and I wished to include
mention of ladies who did not continue in the SCA fighting arts for
one reason or another. 

Naetheless, their tales are as worthy of recounting in their own
right as those valiant women who made wider and more lasting names
upon the field of honor then. Or, most assuredly, those who do so

I do not have my archive open at the moment, but believe that I
recall Burke (*possibly* someone speaking before he did) mentioning
Treschen in the portion that I <snipped> before telling my own long
tale about Leta.

Kat, hug him an extra-good one for all of us who applaud your
husband's great good sense and skilled words! 

(You wouldn't happen to have any sisters possibly in need of a
neophyte matchmaker's services, Your Excellency? Certainly there
have to be *some* other ladies who approach your grace, skill, and
beauty, somewhere...some who are not yet in an "arrangement". I am
myself thoroughly spoken for, but would delight in seeing them
receive proper notice and attention befitting their station and
accomplishments, or potential...)

And I gladly echo Sir Barn: Vivat for the Ladies of Ansteorra!

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