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Wed Nov 5 17:41:38 PST 1997

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> Galen (Classic, New, or Cherry Galen I don't know -- nobody's ever
> listed them all for me and their various designators) wrote:

Sir Galen Classic:  Sir Galen of Bristol, Ansteorra's first "Sir Galen".

New Sir Galen:  Sir Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer, the 2nd "Sir Galen" (but
whose mundane name is Galen, as well.  This fell out of date when a
3rd Sir Galen was knighted.

Cherry Sir Galen:  If you pronounce "Kirchenbauer" with a soft "ch"
it translates as "cherry tree".  But Graf Galen pronounces it with a
hard "ch", "church-builder".  He doesn't care much for this nickname.

New improved Sir Galen:  Kirchenbauer suggested this for himself after
won Crown Tourney.  Kind of out-of-date, since I'm now a Pelican and
Niccoli is a new Court Baron.

Sir Galen Light:  Sir Galen Niccoli, who is also a Don.

- Sir Galen Classic
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