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Wed Nov 5 18:19:50 PST 1997

>From the perspectiv of one how has the 2nd Kings Archer Aword and a Thistle
(archery the 8 or so), I was given the Thistle for skill in archery. I was
and may still be in the top 10% in Kingdom in IKAC and the top 5 in IKCAC. I
teach any one that has the time when I have the time what they need to have
to shoot archery in the SCA and Ansteorra ( the rules are a little
different). Their was no Kings Archer at the time.
Their was a Thistle given out for Archery at Stargate Baronial Champion I
recived my Kings Archer at Ravens Fort Defender two weeks later. Their have
now been about a dozen Thistles given for Archery, my best guess. I belive
that Don Iolo has a grant aword for archery (making of crossbows)? HL Roger
(Middleford) just recived an Iris for Archery IKAC, IKCAC and combat (shoot
at people).
I was given the Kings Archer for skill in archery (see above). I teach (see
above) and at Kings College if the site will allow bows, and I can get their
in 2 hours or so. Service to the Kingdom in archery help run archey
competitions have been known to take the equipment for, set up, run, etc
archery competitions. Did testing on fiberglass shafts for the Society,
testing on eye protection for Kingdom. Some of which is being forwored to
the Society.
Should their be a Grant level aword for archey ak Centurions, White Scarfs?
Why not? Yes I am for it. The requirements skill in archery (IKAC, IKCAC,
combat and making at least some of they toys that we use) service to the
KIngdom and Socety.  At least 4 Kingdoms have them now. Shoud their be a
periage for archery? NO. Become a Laurel or Pelican.
Running to finish his armor and grabing his combat arrows.
Plachoya Sobaka a humble archer in Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra
Achery champion Stargate XXV, Raven's Fort XV

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