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Dr. Brandt asked:
"Someone on
this list said that separate cups was a no-no. [I would be interested to
know why she said that.] "

I do not recall who made the statement originally, but I'll answer it.  In 
the dark ages when women started fighting in the SCA, a few ladies tried 
using the breast protectors which are usually called "hubcaps" -- domed 
aluminum round plates that slip inside the bra which are used by female 
fencers to prevent point bruises to the breasts from foil or epee.  A few 
attempts were made to sue these as heavy combat armor.

Now think about this a moment -- thin diameter, metal disk.  Think about 
hitting it on one side, driving it edge-on into the opposite breast.  OUCH! 
 It's also possible to pinch breast tissue between the edges of two such 
disks, double ouch!

So, along with underwire bras, hubcaps and other forms of separate two 
piece breast covers are Right Out for heavy combat for women. (The 
underwires are discouraged because it is possible to break an underwire in 
combat and drive the sharp wire end into a breast -- I have six stitches 
under my left breast from doing just that!)


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