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Salut, Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

I plucked the following item from the Artemisian Aerie (their email list).
During the Aten reign ending this last March, the Aten Crown took some
untoward liberties with their regnal authority.  The BoD acted in support
of a petition from the peers of Atenveldt and banished said Crown and his
Consort from the remainder of this century's Crown Lists, but the whole
incident (too ugly and complex to describe in detail here--besides, I think
the whole affair received full play on the Rialto) left the good folk of
Atenveldt concerned about their future.  In an effort to prevent a
recurrence of last year's debacle, the Aten Crown formulated a set of
changes to Aten law.  My Artemisian cozyn, Brother Erroneous, has
obligingly outlined the new Aten laws and the changes those laws entail.

This issue is of particular interest to our cozyns in Artemisia because
they were still citizens of Atenveldt during the bad reign and because they
are now in the process of formulating new kingdom laws.  Like Ansteorra,
Artemisia will probably style its laws on Atenveldt's model.

The new Aten laws state:

>A.  The word of the Crown is Law, subject to mundane law and Corpora.
>C.  Statute is law that has been proclaimed at a published event and 
>published in the Southwind with the signatures of two successive Crowns and 
>the Kingdom Seneschal.  Statute requiring immediate attention is law that 
>has been proclaimed at a published event and published in the Southwind 
>with the signature of the Crown, The Kingdom Seneschal, and approved by 2/3 
>of the Landed Nobility. Each Barony shall provide a single opinion to the 
>Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal in favor of against the proposed law.
>D.  Proclamation is law that has been proclaimed at a published event by 
>the King or Queen. It is law for the duration of the event.
>E.  Edict is a regulation concerned with certain matters, which is 
>announced at a published event and subsequently published in the Southwind 
>with the signatures of the Crown. It cannot conflict with, nor effect, 
>Kingdom Statutes.. An edict will remain in force for the duration of the 
>Thanks again to Earl Alan for the above
>In reviewing my humble archives, I note that the above law is essentially 
>old Aten Law revised. Paragraphs concerning Edicts and Proclamations are 
>IDENTICAL to those in Aten Law at least as far back as December '86 and up 
>to September '94. (This is as far as I have been able to verify to date). 
>The original statement regarding statutes read:
>Statute is law that has been proclaimed at a published event
>and published in Southwind with the signatures of
>the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal.
>Sept '94 is the last printed copy of Aten Law I could find in my archives 
>quickly. Sometime between then and May '97 the provisions for Edict and 
>Proclamation were deleted from Aten Law. I'm still searching out a few 
>As an indicator of how things have changed I now quote from the Laws of the 
>Kingdom of Atenveldt as published by TRM Koris and Leah Kasmira in 
>November, 1979 (AS 14):
>1. The King's Word is, for that occasion, Law and any proclamation of the 
>King is the Law of the Kingdom as soon as it is published, subject to the 
>legal authority of the Board of Directors.
>2. These Laws may be amended, added to, or deleted by proclamation of the 
>Sovereign, to be read in His Presence at a duly constituted event of the 
>Society within the Kingdom.
>3.  The Crown may change a Kingdom Law put into effect by It's immediate 
>predecessor only with the written agreement of the Kingdom Seneschal, the 
>Earl Marshal, and the Aten Herald.

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