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Thu Nov 6 06:12:33 PST 1997

Timothy A. McDaniel said something that sounded like:
> However, as Pug points out, a requirement is "the equal of
> his or her prospective peers with the basic weapons of
> tournament combat", and Governing and Policy Decision #5
> says it's not "tournament combat.)

Actually I don't know that G&P #5 says it's not "tournament combat". It
and the other clauses I quoted *imply* it, but none of them come out and
say it. To quote it again, it says:

  Rapier combat, not having been part of formal tournament combat in the
  Middle Ages, shall not be a part of formal tournament lists for royal
  ranks and armigerous titles.

I can read this several ways.

1) Rapier tournaments can not be used to make Royalty. (ie. King,
   Prince, etc.)

2) Rapier combat is not "tournament combat". This means that Knights
   can't be made due to skill in rapier fighting.

3) Rapier fighting can not be used as a "measuring stick" for making
   *any* armigerous titles. This means no award structure based on
   fencing. (ie. no White Scarves since they carry a grant)

Remember, if someone can misconsture what you mean, they will,
especially in official documents. People always try to get around the
rules, cause it's more exciting.


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