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>good heavy sport bra for comfort (??). For large-breasted women, they
recommended >good support that lifts and separates. Someone on this list
said that separate cups >was a no-no. [I would be interested to know why she
said that.] 

I was referring to **hard** cups, like  plastic fencing cups (which are
great for fencing), not bra cups.  The reason is very simple, if you get
struck on a  hard cup -- and this is documented -- depending on the angle,
much worse damage can be done to your breast than just hitting it with a
rattan sword, including lacerations (usually a sideways blow), severe
bruising and other damage to underlying structures (usually a direct hit on
the cup).

Yes, in all sports, a medium- to large-breasted woman should wear a sports
bra with fitted cups, for a variety of reasons, I am sorry if I gave the
impression otherwise.

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