ANST - Fighting awards/orders...

Galen W. Bevel galenbv at
Thu Nov 6 07:20:52 PST 1997

Tim McDaniel wrote:

> > Actually, I don't think "cherry" very accurately describes _any_ of
> > our multitudinous Sir Galens <wink>.
> Actually, I thought I was joking.  "Nah, couldn't be any of them with
> the nickname 'Cherry'".  My apologies for that, but I'm afraid with my
> little knowledge of German and my little knowledge of Galens, I'll
> remember only "Kir[s]chenbauer" and the mangled meaning /
> pronunciation.
> --
> Daniel de Lincoln

Don't worry Daniel, we were all joking. Usually are.....

Sir Galen K.
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