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---Lori Jones <LJONES at> wrote:
> > their tales are as worthy of recounting in their own
> > right as those (from) then (or) today.
> This is very true.  Every woman who has put on armor 
> and participated to any extent is worthy of recognition.  
> Several who were very influential role models in my early 
> fighting days are rarely found on the field today (if at all).

All the more reason to preserve their deeds "in poem, song, and
story". (The bard in me displays his ulterior motives cautiously...)

> Other ladies who started fighting when I 
> did, but no longer play SCA, played a large part in keeping me 
> involved at the time. If any or all of them had never chosen to put 
> on armor I (or several of the others once known as "fighting 
> gerbils") might never have continued to try in what seemed a very 
> male-dominated aspect of our game.  (Not that we didn't receive 
> plenty of encouragement from many of the guys, too!)  I guess I
> wanted to point out that all of us "ladies who fight" owe those who 
> paved the way for us a big "thanks."

Unfortunately for me, the "rise" of the "fighting gerbils" postdates
and predates my active participation in the Society. Sometime I need
to seriously learn more tales of their exploits...even better were
it from the various ladies themselves, of course, but I would
implore you for at least a summary, sometime.
> > (You wouldn't happen to have any sisters possibly in need of a
> > neophyte matchmaker's services, Your Excellency? 
> Actually, most of my sisters are doing quite well in that 
> department.  I believe there are only two who are unattached.  Our 
> eldest, Gunhilda, stubbornly refuses to marry.  Since she was 
> just recently made Baroness of the Court, I predict she will be 
> forced to refuse even more marriage proposals in the future. :-)   

Having met and spoken briefly with Gunhilda, I do not doubt this in
the slightest. Perhaps it is more a matter of presentation, and
timing, then...
> Then there is our youngest, who just recently moved to Namron.  
> Her elder sisters are keeping her well protected (though she's 
> quite strong willed) in order to ensure she devotes enough 
> time to her studies at the University.  She's rather striking, 
> being tall and red-headed, but bear in mind she is as yet 
> only 17 (almost 18).  We fully expect to have to fight the 
> suitors off with sticks starting any day now.  

Or handing her sticks of her own, in another manner of speaking...
> I guess I should drop a line of warning that she's 
> enthusiastic about armoring up and has even convinced 
> one of the previously mentioned 
> "fighting gerbils" to start making new armor (along with a new 
> gerbil-rampant banner)....It could be the end of life as we know 
> it....

IOW, we may indeed be facing a situation of needing to protect
would-be defenders and champions, then. Your warning is thus timely
and should be appreciated by all concerned.

Sigh. Not enough hours in the day to pursue all the matters which I
might otherwise hope to. Garb next, then armor, then light armor,
and calligraphy sometime, and carving when I can, and cooking to
keep everything else possible, and research to back it all up. On
top of mundane concerns a-plenty.

Anybody know where I can rent a spare month or three? <tired gryn>

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