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/At 03:25 PM 11/5/97 -0800, Galen wrote:
/>_Corpora_ defines "Royal Peers" as the ducal, county and viscounty ranks;
/>these may or (as in Ansteorra) may not carry patents of arms.  In some
/>kingdoms, some royal peers have patents and some do not.  I happen to
/>believe that Patents of Arms should be abolished.
/I'd love to hear you elucidate the last statement. Do you mean just for
/Duchy, County, etc., or also for Knights, Pelicans, etc.?

Just for the record while Kief was Star Principal Herald he researched this
question. Independant (from Peerage) Patents could only be awarded to persons
who had held the Crown or Consort position. There are a few kingdoms where
this is in use. One is the East (I think) where a patent  is bestowed
 with the Order of the Rose after a sucessfull reign to those who did
not previously have them.(am I right Maggie?)

Kief tried to find a way to bestow other independant patents but the  Laurel
would not even entertain the thought and adendums would need to be written into
Society Law.

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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