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Thu Nov 6 16:24:42 PST 1997

> Pug wrote:
> > 1) Rapier tournaments can not be used to make Royalty.
There are a couple of Palatine Baronies out there, so I would
think they're included.
> > 2) Rapier combat is not "tournament combat". This means that Knights
> >    can't be made due to skill in rapier fighting.
I believe that this is also true.
> > 3) Rapier fighting can not be used as a "measuring stick" for making
> >    *any* armigerous titles.
Given the wide prevalence of such awards in many kingdoms,
the clause should not be construed as meaning that.

Aethelyan wrote:
> Nothing was meant about rapier combat not being a tournament style.
> At least that is how I understood it at the time.
One can certainly hold tourneys based on rapier combat!

You know, this just adds to my firm opinion: Corpora is one of the
most badly-written governing documents I've ever seen.  It has more
ambiguities than the homage and fealty relationships of the Duke of
Normandy and the King of France.

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