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> > I have seen several people writing about the Ren Fairs drawing new members.  This accounts for a great deal here in the Western Region.  We have had 3 major
> N, these take precedence over traveling to events.  As an educator, I feel my primary place is educating students and public to what we are and what>
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> Since we are a EDUCATIONAL HISTORICAL recreation group, I say
> ditto. Events are fun, but if you are not sharing the wealth of know-
> ledge, how else are we to grow?
> Chrystal Ariana Mac Ruari, Baroness of Raven's Fort

Oh, I don't know...  I learn a lot about history at events, mainly
from people who care enough about authenticity to research it and
try to emulate what was really done.  I thought that was what the
SCA's "educational" tag refers to.  I've rarely seen much educating
going on at RenFaires, except, as Ulrica said above, educating
about _us_, in order to do recruiting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for recruiting, but I'm not prepared to
shut down the kingdom for the Texas Renaissance Festival nor for
Scarborough Faire.  Nor even for the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy 
Faire.  I think it works best by far when we each set our own 

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