ANST - RE BG Archery

harry billings psobaka at
Fri Nov 7 18:06:52 PST 1997

Stefan has hit the nail on thehead for mst of the problems that I know of.
I think I have had some of this conversation about 2 years ago. If BG is a
student org then you "should" be able to use school facilities, even non
student members. Shadowlands uses the archery range at that other Texas
University atm. They just can't use it when the archery team is, altough
they "we" did just befor the NCAA nationals.
BG has several good archers and it is a shame that they can not find a place
to shoot.
As for what it takes to be an archery marshal. Get a copy of the archery
rules and at least kind of know them. IKCAC must be shot 50 yr., archery
choise, pavise. Do not be afriad to ask for help. If I am their I will help
you. You may even have to drive me away, I some times for get I am just helping.
Come to Archers Revel Nov 28 to Dec1 for more.
I belive that I won the last Archery Champion that was held in BG. 2 or 3
years ago.
Plachoya Sobaka a humble archer in Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra
Achery champion Stargate XXV, Raven's Fort XV

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