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Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Nov 10 07:25:59 PST 1997

Lord Mykaru Kurodachi wrote:

>  Those who are truly interested will find us...

and again said:

> On the other hand those with a strong and abiding interest in the
>middle ages WILL seek us out. Our task is not to seek out new members,
>but instead make those who make that effort to find us feel welcome.

How can they seek us out unless they *already* know that we exist? That 
is, possibly, the most important thing that the various Renaissance 
fairs/large demos provide: the statement that we exist. If people know 
that we exist, they can then decide whether or not our group interests 
them. Most people won't look for a group or club unless they know that 
it's out there to find. 

IMHO, some members of those SCA groups that have a local large Renfaire 
year after year tend to forget that there are modern people living in 
their cities that have never heard of the local Renfaire or never been 
to it, despite the fact that "it's been there forever." Then somehow, 
the person hears about it & attends. And they discover us. Then they can 
make a choice on whether or not to pursue association with the SCA. 

Too many times I've heard people say "I've been looking for the SCA for 
years, and now I've finally found it." We need to better than this. 
IMHO, with web pages & stuff, this will improve somewhat, as the 
computer literate will be able to find us sooner, but we will still need 
to provide better contact information and statements of existence to the 
world at large.


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